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AMAZING Fan Trailer for “Beetlejuice 2” Brilliantly Reimagines a Modern-Day Reboot

April 20, 2018

30 Years Later: The Weird Wisdom of “Beetlejuice”

April 6, 2018

Picture of Winona Ryder in original Beetlejuice

Lydia DIED in the Original Ending of “Beetlejuice”?

April 4, 2018

“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…” Broadway?

March 29, 2018

Mind Flayer in ST S2 2017

“Stranger Things” Producer Dishes Details on Season 3

March 26, 2018
Eleven in Stranger Things Season 1 2016

“Stranger Things” Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment in Side-Splitting Viral Video

December 11, 2017

11 in ST S2 2017

“Stranger Things” Officially Renewed for Season 3

December 1, 2017
11 from Stranger Things

Screen Junkies Give “Stranger Things” the Honest Trailer Treatment!

November 10, 2017

Promo for ST S2 2017

Shadow Monster Descends on Hawkins in Final Trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 2

October 13, 2017
Keaton in Beetlejuice 1988

Warner Bros Finally Getting Serious About “Bettlejuice 2”?

October 12, 2017

Promo for Stranger Things S2 2017

Latest Trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 2 Reveals Revamped Episode Titles

October 9, 2017
Nancy in ST S1 2016

“Stranger Things” Trailer Pays Tribute to John Hughes with “Love in the Upside Down”

September 28, 2017

Image for ST S2 2017

“Slasher Things” Pits “Stranger Things” Kids vs Pinhead, Tall Man, The Creepers &a...

August 21, 2017
Poster Clip for St S2 2017

Latest Trailer for “Stranger Things 2” is an Absolute THRILLER

July 22, 2017

Monster in ST S2 2017

Actor Says “Stranger Things” Season 2 Dark & Disturbing with “A Lot More Horror”

May 2, 2017
Dustin in ST S1

The Untold Truth of “Stranger Things” + Season 1 Secrets Revealed

March 2, 2017

Key Art for ST S2 2017

Latest Pic from “Stranger Things” Season 2 Introduces New Character: “Mad” Max

February 14, 2017
Cast of ST S2

Duffer Brothers Want “Stranger Things” to Last 4 or 5 Seasons

February 13, 2017

Stranger Things Kids on Halloween ST S2 2017

(Spoilers) Another Pic and Plot Details for “Stranger Things” Season 2!

February 9, 2017
Cast of Stranger Things S1 2016

Extremely Tough Quiz: How Well Do You Know “Stranger Things”?

January 30, 2017

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