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Baghead (2018) Short Film Review
November 29, 2018
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Up From the Depths: Trailer for GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS Has Arrived!

July 21, 2018


May 28, 2018


GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Director Tweets Radar Image of King Ghidorah

May 25, 2018
Esther in Orphan 2009

Chilling Unused/Alternate Ending for “Orphan” Left Esther Alive to Kill Again

November 6, 2017

Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel S4 2016

Vera Farmiga is Exactly What “American Horror Story” Season 7 Needs

July 6, 2017
Attack in Godzilla 2014

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” Snags a Rapper

March 28, 2017

Godzilla 2014 and actress Vera Farmiga

“Godzilla 2” is Shaping Up to Be a Horror Fan’s Wet Dream!

February 28, 2017
Canadian Set of Bates Motel

RIP Bates Motel and “Psycho” House: Canadian Set Has Been Demolished

February 7, 2017

Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel S5

First Trailer for Final Season of “Bates Motel” + Additional Casting News

January 10, 2017
Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring 2 Trailer is Twice as Scary Backwards!

September 7, 2016

Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga Talks Hauntings that Took Place While Filming and Promoting The Conju...

June 16, 2016
scared woman in a mirror with a scary nun

The Conjuring 2 (2016) Review

June 10, 2016

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