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Sequel to Train to Busan Expected in 2020!
December 5, 2019
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Thomas Jane in The Mist 2007

Stephen King’s “From a Buick 8” To Finally See The Light of Day!

December 4, 2019

The Outsider from Stephen King Headed to HBO in January!

December 1, 2019


Stephen King Let’s You Know You Should Check Out MARIANNE on Netflix

November 29, 2019
Kathy Bates in Misery 1990

Kathy Bates Chimes In On Lizzy Caplan as Annie Wilkes

November 23, 2019

Rocker Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Covers The Doors for the Remake of The Stand

November 23, 2019
Author Stephen King

Stephen King Gets the Funko Pop Treatment!

November 18, 2019


Stephen King Wants Pennywise To Head On Down to Sesame Street

November 12, 2019

Doctor Sleep Could Lose Warner Brothers $20 Million Or More

November 12, 2019


Stephen King Reacts To DOCTOR SLEEP Box Office

November 11, 2019

Stephen King Didn’t Like Mike Flanagan’s First Pitch for DOCTOR SLEEP!

November 8, 2019


Watch The First Meeting Of Doctor Sleep Director Mike Flanagan and Stephen King!

October 29, 2019
Cucky for Childs Play

Stephen King Gushes Over New Child’s Play

October 25, 2019

Doctor Sleep The Shining Twins

See Doctor Sleep in Theaters Early!

October 17, 2019
Stephen Kings House

Want to Stay The Night at Stephen King’s House?

October 17, 2019

Tim Curry as Pennywise in It (1990)

13 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Pennywise

October 1, 2019
Danny and Bear in The Shining 2017

Is the Man in the Bear Costume from “The Shining” a Symbol of Sexual Abuse?

October 1, 2019


Top 10 Differences Between THE SHINING Book & Movie

August 6, 2018

Now See This: The Search for Stephen King’s CASTLE ROCK Documentary

July 20, 2018


There Are Echoes of SHAWSHANK, CUJO, IT, and THE DARK HALF in Latest Trailer for C...

July 10, 2018

Exploring the Origins of “Fluffy” from “The Crate” in CREEPSHOW

May 29, 2018

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