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Grown Up Newt Appears in Concept Art for Unmade “Alien” Sequel?

December 27, 2017
Blomkamp Alien 5 Concept Art

Plot of Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien 5” Revealed?

November 13, 2017

Juggernaut in Alien Covenant 2017

Top 10 Awesome Facts About “Alien: Covenant”

May 26, 2017
Xeno in Alien Covenant

Did Ridley Scott Break His Covenant with “Alien” Fans?

May 24, 2017

Space Jockey suit in Alien Covenant 2017

(SPOILERS) “Alien: Covenant” Rumor Run Down: Shaw is an Alien & “Alien 5” is N...

March 10, 2017
Concept Art for Alien 5

Blomkamp Says Chances of “Alien 5” Being Made Are “Slim”

January 29, 2017

Blomkamp Alien Concept Art Hicks

Michael Biehn: Blomkamp’s Alien Will Happen with Jennifer Lawrence as Newt

August 1, 2016
Secret Filmmaking Feature Image

Secretive Filmmaking is the Wave of the Future

July 28, 2016

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