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Review: Rabid (2019) Go Ahead, Get Bit!
October 18, 2019
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The Top 20 Portrayals of Hell in Video Games

May 21, 2018

Artist Imagines Classic 1980s Era Horror Movie Arcade Games

April 13, 2018

xeno in Alien: Covenant 2017

First “Alien” Video Game since “Isolation” in the Works

January 18, 2018
Healthbars in Freddy vs Jason 2003

Score! YouTuber Adds “Healthbars” to Epic Horror Battle Scenes

October 19, 2017

Freddy Krueger Dead by Daylight

Teaser Confirms FREDDY KRUEGER Coming to “Dead by Daylight”

October 17, 2017
Jaws video game 1987

Remember When “Jaws” Was an NES Video Game?

July 7, 2017

Key art for Ft13 The Game

“Friday the 13th: The Game” Updates: Why Still No Release Date?

January 24, 2017
Screenshot from Friday the 13th The Game 2017

Watch Camp Counselors Try to Survive in New “Friday the 13th: The Game” Footage

December 18, 2016

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