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Is James Wan Producing a NEW Frankenstein?
November 20, 2019
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H.R. Giger’s Secret (& Devastating) Love Affair with Heroin; A Cautionary Tale

April 25, 2018

Ridley Scott Praises the TRUE Hero of “Alien” Without Whom “It Wouldn’t Have Been ...

April 19, 2018


1:6 Scale Diorama of H.R. Giger’s “Alien” Workshop Will Blow Your Mind

April 1, 2018

Ever Wonder What a Xenomorph’s Dorsal Tubes Are For?

December 15, 2017

Derelict in Alien 1979

Space Jockey’s Ship Designed to Resemble Female Reproductive Organs?

May 21, 2017
Concept art for Poltergeist 2 1986

H.R. Giger’s Original Designs for “Poltergeist II” Are Scarier Than the Movie

April 24, 2017

Artist H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger’s Rejected Batmobile Design Resembled the Space Jockey’s Ship

March 10, 2017
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