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Teenage Ghost Punk (2017) Review
April 28, 2017
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Deacon in Prometheus 2012

“Prometheus” Prologue for “Alien: Covenant” Has Fans Wondering About The Deacon

April 28, 2017
Spaceship in Alien Covenant 2017

(Spoilers) New Video Prologue for “Alien: Covenant” Features Elizabeth Shaw!

April 26, 2017

Xeno in AC 2017

How Will You Celebrate Alien Day Today?

April 26, 2017
Alien Covenant alien birth 2017

Experience Birth as a Neomorph in “ALIEN: COVENANT In Utero” VR

April 25, 2017

Engineers in Alien Covenant 2017

Jaw-Dropping Genocide in Latest Trailer for “Alien: Covenant”

April 24, 2017
Rain of black goo in Alien Covenant 2017

Actor Reveals “Alien: Covenant” Will Explore the Afterlife

April 22, 2017

Danny McBride in Alien Covenant 2017

Danny McBride Talks about His Balls in Latest “Alien: Covenant” Trailer

April 21, 2017
AC Pics from May issue of Emp Mag 2017

High Res Images for “Alien: Covenant” from Empire Magazine are Spoilerific

April 20, 2017

Pods in Alien Covenant 2017

(SPOILERS) Shocking Cargo Revealed in Latest Trailer for “Alien: Covenant”

April 19, 2017
neo in Alien Covenant 2017

Craving More “Alien: Covenant” Trailers? How About 6!

April 18, 2017

AC 2017 Int Poster & Emp Mag May 2017 Cover

Xenos and H.R. Giger Feature in Latest “Alien: Covenant” Poster & Empire Cover

April 15, 2017
Space Jockey Prometheus 2012

New “Alien: Covenant” Featurette “The Next Chapter” Establishes Link to “Prometheus”

April 12, 2017

Clip for AC Korean poster 2017

Another “Alien: Covenant” Poster, Another Potentially Huge Spoiler

April 8, 2017
Poster clip for alien Covenant 2017

(SPOILERS) Did Fox Tweet & Delete Another MAJOR “Alien: Covenant” Plot Twist?

April 7, 2017

Shaw hologram 2017

(SPOILER) Freeze Frame from “Alien: Covenant” Trailer Reveals HUGE Twist

April 6, 2017
Drooling Xenomorph

Surprise “Alien: Covenant” Poster Evokes Classic “Alien” Imagery

April 5, 2017

Hologram in Alien Covenant 2017

(SPOILERS) Newest Full Length “Alien: Covenant” Trailer Includes Human/Alien Mutation

April 4, 2017
Announcement for Alien Day 2017

Celebrate Alien Day on 04/26/2017

April 4, 2017

Poster clip for Alien Covenant 2017

Run, Hide, Die! Latest “Alien: Covenant” Poster is an Orgy of Birth and Death

March 23, 2017
Meet Walter short film from Alien Covenant 2017

(Short Film) Meet Walter: The Upgraded Synthetic Human in “Alien: Covenant”

March 10, 2017

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