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Tommy Wiseau Hysterically Pops Up in Famous Disaster Movies

March 16, 2018

Metal + Puppets = Head-Banging Cover of “The Muppet Show”

February 24, 2018


Cupid Hates Cheaters in Crypt TV’s “Valentine’s Die”

February 14, 2018
By Sam Battle

Unbelievable Furby Organ is Terror Times 44

February 13, 2018


LOL with Parody Trailer for “Scream 5” Starring Oprah Winfrey

February 6, 2018
Pennywise in IT 2017

Parody of “IT” Pitch Meeting Like a Horror Version of “Who’s on ...

January 27, 2018

Actress Lucille Ball

Is Lucille Ball Still with Us? Video Explores Lucy’s Afterlife Appearances

January 26, 2018
Duncan from The Fun Nun Horror Show

Duncan is the Most Annoying & Hysterical Chucky Parody Puppet You’ve Never Hea...

January 25, 2018


So Long Alexa! Pennywise Invades Amazon Echo

January 19, 2018

You’ve Never Heard H.P. Lovecraft Like This: “Nemesis” Set to “Piano Man”!

January 19, 2018


Emergency Alert System Warns Viewers in the Event of a Black Hole

January 18, 2018

Check Out Bruce Lee Battling with Lightsabers in Fan-Made Mashup

January 17, 2018


The Evolution of Jason Voorhees (Animated)

January 17, 2018

Now See This: Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Becomes a Dark & Gritty Crime Thriller

January 13, 2018

Fan Film Freddy Noir 2017

Freddy Krueger Goes Noir in Fan Made Trailer for the “Nightmare on Elm Street” Fra...

December 25, 2017
A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion 2012

20 Years Later: “A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion” is Truly Horrifying!

December 25, 2017


Ash vs The Empire in “Evil Dead”/”Star Wars” Mashup Video

December 21, 2017
ghostface from Scream Franchise

[VIDEO] 10 Killer Bloopers by Iconic Horror Movie Villains

December 20, 2017

Christmas at Ground Zero

Revisiting Weird Al’s Hilariously Ominous “Christmas at Ground Zero...

December 19, 2017
2017 version of The Wicker Yule

Our X-Mas Gift to You: “The Wicker Yule” EXTRA CRISPY Edition!

December 19, 2017

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