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Garance Marillier in Raw 2017

Moviegoers Seeing “Raw” Asked: “Would You Like a Barf Bag with Your Ti...

March 23, 2017
Light in Death Note 2017

Here’s the First Trailer and Release Date for the American “Death Note” Remake

March 22, 2017

Skeletons in The Shining 1980

Check Out This Rare High Quality TV Spot for “The Shining”

March 22, 2017
red-headed cannibal in Cannibal Girls 1973

1970s Cannibal Flick from “Ghostbusters” Director Had Warning Bell for Gory Scenes

March 22, 2017

Evil Clown in Circus Kane 2017

Trailer: “Circus Kane” Promises Bloodiest Funhouse Ever

March 17, 2017
Lego Trailer for Belko Experiment 2017

“The Belko Experiment” Red Band Trailer Gets the Lego Treatment

March 17, 2017

Alice Lowe in Prevenge 2017

Producers Deliver New Clip of Pregnancy Horror “Prevenge”

March 16, 2017
beast in Coma 2018

Trailer for 2018’s “Coma” is Fantastically Beautiful & Terrifying

March 16, 2017

Embry in The Devil's Candy 2017

Check Out the Opening Scene of “The Devil’s Candy”

March 16, 2017
Inquisitors in Devils 1971

One of the Most Obscure Yet Controversial Horror Movies Ever Now on Shudder

March 15, 2017

Kong in Kong Skull Island 2017

Amazing Infographic Reveals True Enormity of Skull Island’s Kong

March 15, 2017
white collars in belko experiment 2017

“The Belko Experiment – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” Drops Same Day a...

March 15, 2017

Mutant in Pandorum 2017

Top 10 Movies That Will Make You Terrified of Outer Space

March 14, 2017
Kong Attack in Kong Skull Island 2017

Alternate Opening Scene in “Skull Island” Saw Soldiers Killing Baby Kong

March 13, 2017

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde 2017

NSFW Red Band Trailer for “Atomic Blonde” Features Ultraviolence and Lesbian Love

March 13, 2017

(Video) Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out his Entire Career in 11 Minutes

March 9, 2017

tidal wave in Geostorm 2017

Trailer: “Geostorm” Blows the World Away This October

March 8, 2017
Key Art for Galaxy of Horrors

NSFW Red Band Trailer for “Galaxy of Horrors” is Mind Blowing!

March 8, 2017

Operating Room in The Void 2017

Check Out the Latest Trailer for Practical FX Gore-Fest “The Void”

March 7, 2017
Mirror terror in The Evil Within 2017

15 Year Saga Brings “The Evil Within” to Life Following Director’s Death

March 7, 2017

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